Friday, April 10, 2009


As the stars shine, it makes me want to move on
I wish things were simpler, and life was easier
I walk, I run
but I don’t reach any destination
As I sit, I want to quit
I’m tired of this fun, I make up with others
Seeing people smile, making things worth while...
hiding tears behind, I hide my frowns
for someone worth the smile, I give mine to them
I can’t make it, I can’t do it
my craziness surrounds me big crowed
they make me feel I am special
for a while my loneliness dies
and for a while I feel satisfied
when it come back, nobody knows
but dazes and surely touches my soul
it’s so difficult, to be so perfect
but it’s more difficult, to make it fake
I live with people’s expectations
I need to come up with all frustrations,
to let it out, to kill it with a click
if only a genie would come to me
to grant all my wishes to reality
I would be covered in silk with petals of roses
sleeping while fairies sing, and angels wishes
standing you beside , kissing me soft
looking through my eyes, promising the eternal vows
I would swing like moon , light as the stars
fly as a bird, hold you to death
but these are just wishes, never coming true
cause your are never coming back, I am standing here alone
cause life’s not perfect, and we don’t get what we want


This goes to labitte and sham

Sweet as sugar is your smile
Bright as the sky I wish is your future
Strong as any wall is your love

May you find in each other
the perfect partner through nature
May your life be filled with glories and smiles
reaching every heights of your dreams.
may you always find the touch of care
In the lifetime, full of love and fun.
And may you always be grateful
for life's greatest gift—for being together
May you always find your selves the luckiest
For having no regrets in your true choice
May your true love give both of you
joy, and peace, and satisfaction.
May your magical attraction keep growing
And your vows keep refreshing
May you always be bonded
With all the pledges and desire
May you live with satisfaction and delight
Forever together side by side
Helping and supporting each other for every sake

Deeply in the bottom of my heart
I wish you both the best of everything
As you have decided to share your lives as one
I hope you never need to change your minds
you have began your mysterious adventure
I wish you both find the hidden happiness and pleasures in it
As you have held each other’s hands
Never let it slip down and lose the track
A warm and fine Congratulations!!!
To the sweetest couple
For beginning the journey of life

Best wishes always
Loads and loads of love

S o L a c e

slowly softly in the solitude
my heart rhymes out a song
the solace of my heart
the end of the hurt
fly with me
high n high
till u find find the heights f the clouds
walk with me
far far away from any spy
till you find your own home land in the sky
fly and feel every moment of truth
the beautiful world and its life
Walk and touch solicitude every moment
deserts peace and forests mysteries
let worries go over
The black clouds will disappear,
The morning sun will soon appear
to the light of eternal glory
smile with me today
in this dark hour
for i have no reason to grin
for my life's doing so fine
for you being a part of my life
thanking to this soul
so had so much faith
thanking for this life
for making me happy again
hold my hand and don't leave me ever
through my journey, i need you to be there
my dreams aren't over here
it just began...and its wonderful:)

charming prince

Standing still on the edge of life
i smile looking at the clouds
i belong to a small village
but i walk with biggest of dreams
i walk towards the way my destiny casts
i smile and take the chance
i have imagined my ways with sharp thorns
but also have the faith to get out of it soon
those paths are truly leading to success
no longer i regret to pass the hardness
i look at the shining stars
and meaningless circles around the moon
what means it and gives a mean
I call upon the ocean breeze to take away my dreams
and make it real by the morning zephyr
i laugh all the day long
i cry with happiness when alone
excitement burning inside
with the flame of lust
i see you as a prince
as a wonderful and charming bliss
i look deeply into your eyes
secretly as i feel commit a crime
deep and promising eyes
you don't know what you do
i don't know what you do
but your existence makes me happy
your fragrance makes me smile
i imagine you day and night

damn!!!!i dunno hw t complete it:P later i will(may b) ..keke


one dark night in the light of candles
i am wishing to walk with you on white sand
your eyes looking deeply into mine,
and then softly into your hands, you take my hand
your fingers exploring through my hair
listening to the soft melody of the air
i watch you as you swear
the shore and the moon see us pair
if tonight you ask me to wish
f tonight you show me a star fall
if wishes ever come true
I'll wish only for you
how long have it been
since i ddnt hear you speak
those unspoken words
flow my ear with it all
longing for your rhymes
m intoxicated with your love
in this dark night, when the stars shine
you are holding me in your arms tight
it doesn't look like a dream
i can feel your breaths so close
the slow dance, tonight we dance
without the music, without the rhythm
but the steps are so firm
my head resting on your chest
you embrace all my desires
and as the beautiful dawn breaks
you take me to your castle
where in the crowd so big
you offer me the ring
you are not just a man
a thousand wishes you make come true
you are the rainbow of happiness
with each color defines
you are the ocean of happiness
where each drop counts
Like pearls of rain fall on a desert,
and diamond stars in the dark sky
things seem to be that perfect,
when you kiss my lips,
Your eyes draw me to a place of peace,
i close them with relief,
oh god! its not a dream...
you are here,i can't sleep,
you kiss my ears,and whisper me words
my heart fills with joy and I want to cry.

ThE AngeL

(dedicated to my mom, the sweetest and the best)

i watched the world through your eyes
sacrificing sleep, you stayed awake
to show me the world,
to hold my hand

i walked with your legs
you were never tired, you never gave up
to reach me to my destiny,
to make me the best

you were my brain
when i left my books apart, you did the work
never complained, never left undone
to make me the brightest star in this world

while i got awards
tears weld up in your eyes
smiled and showed me to the universe
its me, her daughter who always wins

while i lost in my plays
while i got bruises at my body
i saw the blood in your eyes
i felt the pain at your heart

when people blame for faults
you take the blames and keep me safe
but yet teach me the tricks
to get out of life's trends

been the foundation of my success
your are the candle in my life
burning your self out
and lighting my way ahead

you stay out in the sun
and cover me with shadow
burn the heat inside your soul
but never let me feel the pain

you are my world, your are my galaxy
where every star forms with your smile
you are my faith, you are my hope
where i fulfill my dreams with your hugs

you have the magic
to kneel me down
you have the courage
to hold me up

you are the hero
you are the star
you are the luck
and you are the best

with all my words today
i express my love to you
on this very special occasion
the day i celebrate with pride

for an angel was born
so many years yet gone
destined to be my mother
the best anyone could have to treasure

wishing you a very glorious birthday mom!
i say it with so much of fond
so much luck i have in me
for this prefect and precious bond

loads of luv

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Destiny is the bridge u built for your loved ones
Faith is the trust you develop in your relationships
Care is the concern when you love someone
Love is your need for someone in your life

At some moments of life
The face becomes so weird and strife
You cannot either look back
Neither can you think ahead

Think about what you lost is worth
And what you gained is a new birth
You have a lot more clouds to reach
Hold your breath and then release

It’s so hard to let go
And it’s so hard to bring back
Why is this life so tough?
When we really need it the most

How can we close our hearts?
To what it wants to feel
We can only close our eyes
To what we want to be unseen

These days would fly so fast
As the rest of our life would we know
Each moment we spent in this world
Is yet precious and reward to glow

The words I say is just not to grin
Don’t leave this world for it’s a sin
If you can’t live here with this pain
You should not blame god for anything

You thought it was difficult to survive
While just one breath is enough for get through in
The difficult task here is to live
with gratitude and a prosperous life